cybernetic future

"Beesley is more concerned with modeling organic systems of behavior—processes of “communication and control,” to borrow a phrase from the cyberneticists of the 1940s and 50s.... This work is not meant merely to be looked at, but rather to act directly on the human occupant, evoking instinctive emotional responses." Joseph Clarke

anthony mcall

"In these works, the artist sought to deconstruct cinema by reducing film to its principle components of time and light and removing the screen entirely as the prescribed surface for projection. The works also shift the relationship of the audience to film, as viewers become participants, their bodies intersecting and modifying the transitory forms." Serpentine Gallery

jenny everywhere

"Jenny Everywhere is described both as existing in every reality and being able to shift between realities. This gives the character the ability to be inserted into the continuity of any existing or new work, such as various comics or webcomics. The concept may also be extended to other media as well." wiki

Corpus Extremus

"Stelarc’s video is one the more grisly highlights of “Corpus Extremus (LIFE+),” an exhibit about the wonders and horrors of “PostNatural History,” and the ways in which technology is blurring the traditional notions of life, death and identity." Dennis Overbye, nytimes


“Our democracy is based upon geography, and we believe local information is such a core need for our democracy to survive.” Gary Kebbel, Knight Foundation