ant ballet

"Ant Ballet is a six-year research project into control systems, paranoia and dancing insects. The project is separated into four phases."  via

play big

"In a project for HP promoting their TouchSmart PCs, interactive artists ceded that control to participants. Instead of the computers being in the hands of the performers, they’re touchable by anyone, for an open, collaborative experience of the work." peter kirn,


"What if film, rather than being projected from start to finish and proceeding in a straight line, could be reconstructed and performed? Every live visual performance involving video has more or less asked that question. But not every performance tries to convey a narrative in the process. Toni Dove’s Spectropia, coming this weekend to the storied Mixology Festival at New York City’s Roulette, does just that, interweaving a sci-fi storyline across imagined future and past through gesture-controlled, computer-vision activated remix." peter kern via


"International’s set design – a pinboard of tiny white lights that signals extremes of weather, from blizzard to clear night sky – is an ever-changing marvel.” The Independent, via

russian pavilion

"Every surface inside the top floor of the Russian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale is covered in QR codes, which visitors decode using tablet computers to explore ideas for a new Russian city dedicated to science." via dezeen

living architecture

"Silviya Ilieva’s project, Living Architecture, was also included in a selection of highlights from the show featured in Wired Magazine.It will also be published in the book “CITY-SENSE: Shaping our environment with real time data” in Barcelona by the Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IAAC). The publication is a result of participation in a competition which looked for examples of intelligent sensor-driven behavioural systems."   via video at