5 stones

"kymapetra consists of 5 stones arranged in a crescent around a central basin filled with water. The spectator, laying his hand on top of a stone resonates with her. The rustling body / matter is transformed into sound vibrations. They become visible on the surface of the water in a myriad of ripples. The propagation of acoustic vibrations on the surface of the water then draws a geometric composition consists of hollow bellies. The figures vary depending on the intensity of the contact person and stones." www.scenocosme.com (via google translate)

wifi painting

"WiFi uses high frequency radio to set up a data connection between a base station and device with a WiFi receiving antenna. The WiFi signal strength describes how much of the radio waves that the base station beams off that is received by the mobile device. What you see in the light-paintings is the signal strength of a WiFi network represented as a light-painted graph." Oslo School of Architecture (Yourban), via Space and Culture

rooftop qr code

"Phillips & Co.’s new proposition, called Blue Marble, offers a “space-accessible profile” for businesses, cities, schools — anyone who wants to raise their profile. In addition to catching the attention of the odd plane passing by, Phillips says in a statement that Google Earth has been downloaded 400 million times and “by integrating a readable code into the space-accessible profile, mobile users can access dynamic marketing programs, videos, digital coupons and other content while viewing the specific geographical location.” via mashable, Todd Wasserman