"Bondin's proposal involves a colony of self autonomous creature-like structures, called Morphs, which very slowly navigate public parks. Their moves are not just dictated by a set of pre-programmed rules, they also rely on their physical and social environment.
Morphs exist and wander freely as individual nuclei but they can also join together and adopt certain geometries according to their needs and circumstances."Regine

bot & dolly

"Remember Reach is a robotically driven, interactive tribute to the fallen members of Noble Team, characters from the HALO videogame franchise. Based on the notion of remembrance, this long exposure light sculpture ran continuously for 20 days placing 118,422 points of light whenever a new user visited the official Halo Reach website."


"occupying the main floor of the gallery is a monolithic sunken pyramid that containsa 'vivarium,' an indoor enclosure consisting of a collection of organisms that, in this case, are real, robotic and/or simulated. as a collective, these organisms generate energy capable of transforming a freshwater ecosystem into a brackish one, a process made possible by the permeability controls that the skin of the pyramid produces and the behavior that the 'machine' generates. virtual (digital) organisms mimic the behavior of both the living and 
robotic microorganisms to intensify and ease the process."  via


"A sun-tracking instrument indexing time and temperature, “Bloom”, designed by Los Angeles-basedDOSU studio architecture, stitches together material experimentation, structural innovation, and computational form/pattern-making into an environmentally responsive installation."  via

performative ecologies

"Investigating gestural forms of dialogue between inhabitants and an evolving environment, Performative Ecologies is a kinetic 'conversational' environment, which examines what it means both to observe, and to be observed by machines. It considers in the light of developments in computer vision, sensing and artificial intelligence, how an 'intelligent' architecture can discuss its behavior in relation to the goals and behaviors of the world around it." via interactive architecture

Active Modular Phytoremediation

Research and design of the Active Modular Phytoremediation system. System geometry is based on the I-WP Triply Periodic Minimal surface, one of the 13 of its kind technically described by Alan Schoen in his 1970 paper. The geometry has many properties that makes it ideal for creating a modular wall system that is also a plenum as well as housing a large number of integrated hydroponic and electronic equipments.