loca lab

"Loca: Set To Discoverable enables people to question the networks they populate, and to consider how the trail of digital identities people leave behind them can be used for good or ill. It asks what happens when it is easy for everyone to track everyone, when surveillance is possible using consumer level technology within peer-to-peer networks without being routed through a central point?"  loc lab


"A walk route is generated based on your current location. Each walk has waypoints along the route and as you navigate your route you will be given the option to take a photograph at each one which will then appear as a pop-up on tapping the waypoint pin. When the walk is completed you can share a map of the route of your walk and the photographs you took along the way by email." walkspace.org

the silence

"Launched at the Sonic Arts Expo and a pilot study in Boulder, Colorado. It enables you to capture and share your sonic experiences. You can record and collect sounds, create and share soundwalks and soundscapes, and use them as conversation pieces of a social dialogue about the places and communities in which we live and that we share. The result is an affective geography that changes over time according to participants' perceptions and interpretations of their environmental settings."