"“A living city is always in Beta. Let’s play.” That is the tagline of Betaville, a new “open source, multi-player environment for real cities” and the mantra of its developer, Carl Skelton, director of the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) at NYU Poly" via urbanomnibus

urban informatics

"So what exactly is urban informatics? Roughly said, the field includes a wide array of computation practices that are related to the shaping of city life. Topics vary from integrated software solutions that optimize high way traffic flows to the design of ‘smart public spaces’ to ‘citizen science’ projects that map pollution in a city neighborhood. Yet, urban informatics is not the same as urban computing. It is not so much about the technology (computing), but rather about its implications for (human) city life"  Martijn de Waal (mobile city)   image via Nicolas Nova

louisiana walk

"This is the first walk that really became a filmic soundtrack and it created a format or style that I have been experimenting with ever since. The narrative uses the device of a man offsite watching a surveillance video of a woman walking in the garden. This woman, my voice, communicates with him through the image he sees." from

Max Neuhaus

"The first performance was for a small group of invited friends. I asked them to meet me on the corner of Avenue D and West 14th Street in Manhattan. I rubber-stamped LISTEN on each person's hand and began walking with them down 14th Street towards the East River." from


"Aether9 is a collaborative art project exploring the field of realtime video transmission. It was initiated in May 2007 during a workshop at the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland. Developed by an international group of visual artists and collectives working in different locations (Europe, North and South America) and communicating solely through the Internet, Aether9 is a framework for networked video/audio performance, and the collaborative development of dramarturgical rules particular to Internet modes of communication."