temporary personal urbanisms

"PDPal is a public art project built around the PDA (personal digital assistant), using it as a mediating and recording device that reactivates our everyday actions, transforming them into a dynamic portrait of our urban experience." via eyebeam

hide and seek

"Hide&Seek make social games and playful experiences. We expand the boundaries of play, reaching out into public space, new technologies, culture and media."  hideandseek.net


"Blinkenlights, a large-scale installation created by the German hacker organisation Chaos Computer Club, first appeared on the Haus des Lehrers (House of Teachers) building at a public square in Berlin. It transformed that building into a giant computer screen, using the lights in 144 rooms (controlled via a switchboard) as ‘pixels’ to create simple animations and play ‘movies’. Participants and passers-by could then submit their own animations via their mobile phone which were displayed on the ‘screen’. Later, on the installation located at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris, participants could use their mobile phones to play arcade games on the building’s facade." D Leorke, Locative Gaming and the Global City


"Audio Tours for People Who Don't Normally Take Audio Tours. An innovative product appropriate to this new millennium, Soundwalk is a new form of media, whereas one virtually interacts with his or her surroundings. How is it done? Easy, you purchase the walk, go to the starting point, put your headphones on, press play, start walkin..." soundwalk website