wind traces

"Windtraces is a multi-channel, site-specific sound installation that was exhibited as part of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney in November 2011. It uses data from meteorological sensors as inputs to algorithmic processes, to generate a dynamic soundscape in real-time."  via

escale numerique

"Like the Wallace fountains, which since the end of the 19th century have offered Parisian the free drinking water which was circulating beneath their feet, Escale Numérique allows everyone to benefit, like a real public service, from a high-speed WIFI connection by raising it from beneath the ground."  via

be open

"Every day, the BE OPEN Sound Portal will host one of five leading musicians and sound artists, each of whom has been specially commissioned to create a unique soundscape. Expect a range of vibrant sonic and musical responses, from the sounds of glaciers breaking up to electronic music composed by one of the top musicians in this field. Cocooned from the external noise and bustle of the city, the BE OPEN Sound Portal allows visitors to experience a very different environment, one created by sound alone."  via

v motion

"The Motion Project was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client for the project, Frucor, together with their agency Colenso BBDO, kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of talented people from a number of creative fields."