transarchitectural topography

"I will define transArchitectural Topography as the substrata or virtual/physical topography which underlie all connected virtual and physical spaces. transArchitectural Topography encompasses a physical location, virtual location(s), and any infrastructure that connects the two. Specifically, the transArchitectural Topography extends from a single physical space, into a single virtual space uniting the two."

michael ditullio, via marcos novak

double negatives

"An attempt to extract autonomous architecture responding to the environment through information network: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) holds a new installation“Corpora in Si(gh)te” by “doubleNegatives Architecture.” doubleNegatives Architecture is an architectural group who is engaged in crossover activities in a new area of architecture, making good use of various media and information technologies."


"You are longitutde and latitude, a set of speeds and slownesses between unformed particles, a set of non subjectified affects. You have the individuality of a day, a season, a year, a life (regardless of its duration) - a climate, a wind, a fog, a swarm, a pack (regardless of its regularity). Or at least you can have it, you can reach it." Delueze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus

motion perception

"The simplification of space in Three Studies of Lucien Freud, (1969) is a necessary and typical element of all his images. With a more complex elaborated environment, the bodies would become more specifically disfigured rather than contorted by painterly motion being stretched towards its limit." Michael Betancourt


"The contour in Francis Bacon is what Deleuze describes as a "place of an exchange in two directions: between the material structure and the Figure, and between the Figure and the Field. The contour is like a membrane through which double exchange flows" (13). This exchange links the different aspects of the painting together in a way that subverts narrative: "If a painting has nothing to narrate and no story to tell, something is happening all the same, which defines the functioning of the painting" (13). The contour in Bacon's paintings establish a relationship through which things are linked together." Lindsey Collins