interactive graphics

"Apart from video-cutting... this typo-animation is triggered by slow-motion movement of a dancer. There we go, a hi-res version using pixel-motion frameblending for nice slow-motion of lisa. The letters are actually generated by a program i wrote in vvvv. You simply feed in some video and according to the amount of bright pixels it will generate the typo animation. The letters are taken from the words ‘Ballett Kiel’ and ‘Mario Schröder’ to have some sort of relation." Wirmachenbunt ( Chris Engler)

drift net

"The motion of audience is analyzed and conveyed to the wave as the vector of the plural forces with location, direction and integer value. The audience is able to interact with data-wave without any device or physical limitation. It doesn't differ from dabbling in the actual beach. It is realized by original program with OpenCV". HIRAKAWA Norimichi

click opera

"So I watched the Hide and Seek Festival documentary, which is an introduction to this thing we're going to call PUG, or pervasive urban gaming. What is PUG? According to the Sandpit site, "pervasive games transform the city into a playground, make your heart race, change the way you see the world, get you playing nicely with others". imomus, click opera (image:cliostraat)

constructed situation

"What is a situationist? It's a big question, but an initial answer would be: someone who constructs situations. And what's a "constructed situation"? Helpfully, the first issue of the Situationist International provided us with a glossary in order to resolve that question: it's a "moment of life, concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organisation of a unitary environment and a game of events". Constructing a situation thus implies collective construction of a moment - collective involvement in and modification of all the aspects of a moment in time, from the decor to how those involved are acting....A situation in this sense is somewhere between - more precisely, somewhere beyond - art and politics. Where art is predicated on a division between art work and spectator, the situation demands total involvement in its construction and cannot allow spectatorship." Phil Edwards

tentative architecture

"In 1960, Constant Nieuwenhuis presented an architectural and social utopia, New Babylon. In New Babylon work has given way to a nomadic lifestyle of creativity and play, and traditional architecture has disintegrated. It is a response to the urbanization of the city, an out lash to our exploitation by bourgeois and avant-garde high culture.... The architecture of these cultures, where all activity takes place, is the main antagonist to disappear in New Babylon. These anti-social spaces influence the behaviours of the inhabitants; therefore static architecture gives way to spontaneous spaces defined by interactions and desires." vague terrain: xárene eskandar