field works

"Field-Works" is a series of projects which reconstrusted collective memories into cyberspace as a kind of video archive by using position data captured by GPS and moving image captured by Video."  a Masaki Fujihata project

digital street corner

“The DIGITAL Street Corner” is not the kind of artwork that one simply looks at on the wall of a gallery or a museum. It’s an interactive environment that one can enter and explore from anywhere in the world. It’s an open window to an artistic net/work co-created in real time by people on the Internet."  fredforest,


"Just like a digital network is made of nodes and connections, Guallart's model is a large-scale attempt to have all the elements of the physical world communicate with each other. The house functions as a small ecosystem, where each object is a piece of a widely distributed intelligence, able to interact with the others. Architecture becomes the interface that enables us to inhabit the world."  Regine, WeMakeMoneyNotArt

spatial information structures

"The impact of new information technologies on living space is explored here. We will construct real-scale prototypes in order to experiment with the integration of communication technologies into the physical spaces of the domestic environment by means of new interfaces using advanced data networks, integrating information into everyday life and approaching the construction of new spatial and information structures through the optimum combination of intelligent logic and physical form."  Metàpolis / MIT Media Lab / Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya / Escola Elisava / I2Cat.

place blogger

"Placeblogger is a site where you can search for local sources of news, information, and community near where you live, work and travel."

place and memory

"The Place + Memory Project is recreating those places from our past that made their mark on us–but no longer exist."

networked cultures

"Networked Cultures investigates the cultural transformations under way in Europe through examining the potentials and effects of networked spatial practices. Based at Goldsmiths, University of London, the project collaborates with art, architectural and urban practices across Europe and beyond to look at ways in which contested spaces allow for a multi- inhabitation of territories and narratives across cultural, social or geographic boundaries."