expanded cinema

"When we say expanded cinema we actually mean expanded
consciousness. Expanded cinema does not mean computer films,
video phosphors, atomic light, or spherical projections. Expanded
cinema isn't a movie at all: like life it's a process of becoming, man's
ongoing historical drive to manifest his consciousness outside of his
mind, in front of his eyes. One no longer can specialize in a single
discipline and hope truthfully to express a clear picture of its relationships in the environment. This is especially true in the case of the intermedia network of cinema and television, which now functions as nothing less than the nervous system of mankind." Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema... Image: Werner Herog, Fitzcarraldo

wearable identity

"Man has been for ages carrying different objects with him, holding them, wearing them and taking them to where ever he goes. The advancements in technology has made it possible for him to carry various electronic devices with him. The birth of these portable devices posed a set of new questions on the relationship between an object and the person's body on or around which it is worn. In an era where gadgets are transcending the limits as a device and getting closer to reflect a person himself, the significance of how a device relates to its user is of great importance. Can an object represent an individual's identity and personality? Can it establish itself as a signifier of the person himself through its distinct use and the value associated to it?"

manifesto for cctv filmmakers

"The manifesto establishes rules, procedures, and identifies issues useful for filmmakers who want to the costs of creating a movie - by using images captured by CCTV cameras. Her text follows closely the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and related privacy legislation that gives the subjects of data records access to copies of the data. The manifesto can be adapted for different jurisdictions. The artist demonstrated the validity of her manifesto with the movie Faceless... Under the DPA, one has the right to retrieve data which is held upon oneself, while the faces of anyone else captured on it have to be blacked out. She therefore claimed the as much CCTV footage of herself as she could and created a story set in the future, in the "faceless world" - with herself as the only woman with a face." we make money not art

light criticism

"Between October 2006 and December 2006, the City of New York has removed or obscured 59 illegal banners on sidewalk sheds. In that same period, Citibank Chase was forced to remove all illegal sidewalk projections at branches around Manhattan. And now, years into NYC’s crackdown on graffiti writers and protesters, after we’ve watched our friends be detained, arrested, beat, fined, tried, and given real jail sentences, not a single corporate toy from any ad firm has had to do any time." graffiti research lab

building on cinematic vision

"Sonny Astani walked into a Westwood movie theater in 1985 and saw the film that changed his life: "Blade Runner," the science-fiction tale that imagined a dystopian Los Angeles where jet-powered cars zoom past skyscrapers covered with enormous, cinematic advertisements. Decades later, the Iranian-born businessman is determined to bring some of those futuristic images to life. His plan? Attach an animated sign 14-stories tall on the 33-story condominium project he is building in downtown L.A." David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times


"Akousmaflore is a garden made with real musical and interactive plants or flowers. Each plant reacts to the human touch of a spectator by a specific sound language.Our aura is hot, electric and invisible. It can act here on the vegetable foliages by offering the experiment of a reactive environment. When the spectators caress the plants, they start to sing. Become sensitive musical instruments, they make it possible to compose a floral orchestration." scenocosme.com, thanks manuel

mediascapes design review

"The MediaSCAPES design studio final review took place on December 13, 2007. We were joined by a diverse range of critics attending from Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco- Jason Anderson, Juan Azulay, Benjamin Bratton, Christian Bruun, Jean Michel Crettaz, Rene Daalder, Blair Ellis, Jeffrey Inaba, Carla Leitao, Marcos Novak, and Scott Perry." Ed Keller
Projects were presented by:
Kenneth Cameron. Nina Marie Barbuto & Bjork Christensen. Jordan Kanter, Arthur Switalski & Bao Quoc N. Doan. Christopher Norman. Guillermina Chiu & Sepehram Khamjani. Jihyeun Byeon. Saman Hosseini-Pou & Salman Masmouei. George Labeth. Hao-yun Ambrose Chuang. Valentina Vasi

color like no other

"Y'know that bouncy ball add wasn't actually very original - every year at Reed College in Portland, OR (for as far back as anyone can remember bouncy balls) they've had a midninght "ball drop" down Woodstock Ave. in front of the college - it's an amazing experience and part of an even more amazing experience called Renn Fayre - which, despite the name is more like a techno-geek-mind-altering-drug event than a fantasy-D&D-fair." MOR, davidweiss.blogspot.com/2006/08/colour-like-no-other.html

Graziano Cecchini

"Mad-hatter artist Graziano Cecchini has struck again. The public-art prankster who filled the Trevi Fountain in Rome with blood-red dye last October released 500,000 brightly colored plastic balls Wednesday from the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome."

wooster collective

The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.


"Flow 5.0 is an interactive sculpture made out of hundreds of ventilators which are reacting to your sound and motion. By walking and interacting an illusive landscape of transparancies and artificial wind is created. Moving through Flow 5.0 the visitor becomes conscious of himself as a body, in a dynamic relation with space and technology." Daan Roosegaarde

gravity and resistance

"The spatial expression of "gravity+resistance" is rendered consistently by the real time calculation of the dynamics. The dynamic movements are composed of the counter powers around gravity. Gravity is not materialized without the reaction force." sieko mikami