iphone camera view

"Here is the source code to the cameraViewer. It’s ALPHA and not the greatest code, I only spent an hour throwing it together, so if anyone wants to help out and make it better, feel free. The concept is simple, when you load the main page “cameras.html” it pulls the images from your server." mavromatic tech blog

urban eye

"A further perspective of understanding the increasing use of CCTV is the current trend of commodification urban space. Its increasing employment is described as part of a broader transformation of contemporary cities throughout Europe. Within the reconstruction of the old industrial to the new post-fordist city, which is characterised not by a mixture of functions, but first by the management of leisure and consumption, CCTV is understood as a tool of economic restructuring space." CCTV in Europe (#15,p21)

public surveillance

"Surveillance of the public now extends well beyond video cameras to include vast systems of identification, data monitoring, and tracking. Public surveillance technologies are increasingly embedded in urban infrastructures, transportation systems, cell phones, identification documents, computer programs, televisions, medical and consumer products, and much more. Perceiving everyday technologies as “surveillance” requires a shift in dominant perspective, drawing attention away from supposedly isolated artifacts or experiences and toward larger socio-technical assemblages and power relations." Vanderbilt