wi form

"...As well as photo-essays, videos and in-depth interviews with users, and relating to this idea of making the invisible, visible, I mapped the strength of the wi-fi signal across levels 1 and 2 of the Library, the primary areas that the Library’s wi-fi is used. By taking readings across the floor of both levels, using standard wi-fi-enabled consumer equipment in order to mimic the conditions for the average user (in this case a MacBook laptop and a Nokia e65 mobile phone), I was able to construct a snapshot of the wi-fi signal strength across the Library."

mobile performance group

"Mobile Performance Group is a collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues. MPG disseminates their work by using automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artist to engage the public." Matt Roberts

sound sculpture

"The central theme of sound sculpture is a synthesis of questions that inevitably emerge when architecture and sound share a context: the creation of permanent forms through transient sounds and the deconstruction of time through space and form." Dana Karwas and Liubo Borissov

collaborative mapping

GeoSIM (Geo Social Image Mapping) is an urban sensing system with which a group of individuals with camera-equipped mobile phones participate in collaborative/social mapping of the urban image (i.e., the texture of the urban environment) at some target geolocation. The participating group, which may either consist of dedicated individuals or the general public, manually capture geotagged images of the urban environment. The collected images are progressively used for documentation of the dynamic urban image in multiple spatial resolutions at different times.

participatory sensing

"urban sensing is about people like you—equipped with today’s mobile + web technology—systematically observing, studying, reflecting on, and sharing your unique world. through discovery and connected participation, you can see the world anew. you can tell your local story. you can make change." urban sensing, ucla

gps workshop

"Projects include tracking people's movements/average speed over a day or year- information collected by gps device (data record):- longitude- latitude- time- direction- altitude- speed."


"Spectropia is a hybrid work combining a theatrical event with a video game for multiple players. Motion detectors and voice recognition devices activate the video segments and soundtrack. During public screenings of the film, two tutor-players control the console and simultaneously affect the parts of the story attributed to the characters from the 20th and 21st centuries. The installation consists of several levels of interaction since the audience is asked to join in. Participants are therefore able to converse with the characters, share in their private thoughts and enjoy a panoramic view of the action. The video images are projected onto several screens arranged in an arc in front of the audience." Vincent Bonin


"Grab your GPS and get out of the car. Look at it. It still knows where you are, right? Walk to the end of the parking lot. When you get there — instead of Turn left or Turn right — you'll discover a whole new dimension to reality. Mediascapes are rich in interactivity — full of sound and music, images and text, videos and animation, narrative and dialog, all embedded in the space where you’re standing."

Defamiliarizing Film

"Defamliarizing the familiar by granting technology and pop culture equal privilege in artistic production, Grey points the way to new forms of cultural expression that he himself pioneered. True to form, Grey riffs on biology in 'Reentry,' 'a silent cellular film visualizing past, present, and future simultaneously within a matrix of animation cells forming the larger body of another film." Peggy MacKinnon